Green Smoothies

I love the fact this person has frozen the portions into servings just ready to pop in the blender! Saves room in the fridge and means nothing is going to waste. Love it! 🙂


smoothie freezer bags I came home from spending a few weeks in China with a desire to eat a healthier breakfast. Overall I found Chinese breakfast to be the most unfamiliar meal – things like cold rice/bean porridge and pickled vegetables – and finding coffee was nearly impossible outside of the major cities. I suffered through a couple of caffeine headaches, but by the time I returned home I realized I had not had coffee for two weeks. My breakfast normally has consisted of large quantities of strong espresso-brewed coffee prior to leaving for work at 7:30, accompanied by toast. I knew that wasn’t the best way to start the day, but it was a familiar routine.

On our first day back in the States, I purchased some fresh and frozen fruits and spinach leaves. For the apples and bananas, I sliced them and put them in a bowl with some orange juice…

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