Five more minutes, please

I’m sure we’ve all said that at some point, about something.  I say it when having my hair brushed (usually when my daughter’s wanting something and trying to butter me up before asking), or when having my feet massaged by some willing soul at my soles.

But in this case it’s when hitting the snooze button on my alarm.

I’ve been on early shift pretty much for two weeks now and I’m fed up with it 😦  What I wouldn’t give for a nice 9-5 somewhere!  Do regular 9-5 jobs even exist nowadays?  I know any time I look for a new job there seems to be a serious shortage of regular hours.  And the most ludicrous thing I have seen is a zero hour contract, which I actually thought was a misprint the first few times I noticed it.

I hate having to get up at 3am each morning.  I hate having to be in bed for 9pm each night.  But right now I just want my bed!  Thank the Goddess for caffeine!  🙂


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