How many legs do you need to take a good photo?

I personally think I can take pretty good quality photos using my own two legs for support, but there are those who argue you can’t get a perfect quality image without using three legs.  Or to put it another way, you can’t get great photos without a tripod.

I’m not convinced as yet.  And apart from anything else it isn’t always practical to lug around a tripod on a daily basis.  So does that mean that any random, spur of the moment images you capture are worthless because there was no tripod sticking out your back pocket to use?

I have wavered slightly on this and recently bought a lightweight aluminium tripod.  Now, I know it’s a cheap bit of nonsense and won’t stand up for outdoor shoots if there is a fair breeze blowing, but it will do for indoor shoots and for nice summer days (yes, we do get some here in Scotland lol).  I didn’t want to go wasting money on something I might not use much.

I’m hoping my camera buddy will be up to going a day out soon as he knows some amazing abandoned properties to shoot, so I’ll give it a proper test run the next time we go out.  But until then I’ll give it a test in the house and perhaps work on a couple of portraits if I can talk my daughter into posing for them, or I might even get brave and do some self portraits!


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