It WAS worth it

I had yet another restless night last night and gave up trying to get back to sleep around 4am. By 5.30 I was wondering what to do since most of my housework was done, I don’t need to leave for work until 11am today, and my daughter was sound asleep snoring her head off! So I did something I’ve been telling myself I would do once the better weather came in … I went for an early morning walk round the local park.

I frequently go for a walk round it during the warmer months just for the sake of it, but I’ve wanted to go round with my camera for a while now to get some nature shots while it’s still quiet. But it’s been typically Scottish weather recently (wet and windy), and I’m not dedicated enough to my hobby for that … yet.

I could hear the wind blowing while I got dressed, but it was dry out so that was a start. It was already light when I left the house just after 6am and I got accosted by a couple of the neighbourhood cats wanting their usual neck rub as I went passed. A nice start to the day as one of them reminds me of my favourite cat who passed away over 12 years ago now.

As I walked past the local farmhouse I took a shot using the “miniature” feature on my camera after someone clued me in on tilt-shift photography. I have no idea if the image turned out good yet as I wanted to focus more on the shots I took later, but I’ll take a look at it later and decide whether to add it to my Flickr account. I would like to explore that style more but I will need to wait for some suitable shots I think.

I got to the park and was immediately smiled by the amount of daffodils still in full bloom. Daffodil Lane

I love daffodils and they always bring a smile to my face. I strolled along the path clicking away at random daffodils and trees then stopped dead in my tracks. I caught a glimpse of a sight I have wanted to see for almost 20 years now! My daughter had told me when she was a kid that she saw deer in the park. I dismissed the notion at first and thought she had imagined it until I mentioned it at work one day and got told they had been there for years now but no one knew how they got there. This was almost 20 years ago. But no matter how many times I walked round, no matter what time of day or evening I walked round I never managed to see them … until today!

I quickly pulled my camera out of my pocket and zoomed in. I wish I could have gotten closer but I didn’t want to take the chance of startling them. I took several shots of them, but because they were all taken with the zoom pretty much at maximum they didn’t turn out as clear as I would have liked, but I was just happy to have seen them and got at least one half-decent photo of them. I couldn’t believe my luck. No matter what sort of day I have now at least I have finally seen the Ardeer deer!

deer, me dear :)

There were also a couple of photos of some ducks and the young swans that come to the park every year, and I’m looking forward to getting more photos of the swans as the year progresses. Swans

All in all it’s been a good start to the day 🙂

My feet got soaked though. DSC01692-001I had forgotten about the heavy rain of the past few days, and more to the point I had forgotten how marshy the park gets after the heavy rains, and that certain sections of the path are more like mini ponds! My poor wee trainers got soaked, and I almost sank into the grass at one point as my foot got engulfed in the mud.

But it was worth it … I think!


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