Busy doing nothing

I always feel like I’ve done nothing when I spend the whole day sat at the computer.  But in fact I have been a busy wee bee today sorting through all my photos and trying to decide which ones to use on the new accounts I set up at Fine Arts America, and on Deviant Art.  I also created a Flickr account but I’m not sure if I’ll use it now that I’ve taken a shine to Deviant Art.

Part of the selection process was editing the pics that didn’t look so hot originally and turning them into something better.  I think I actually enjoy the editing process just as much as the photographing process 🙂

Now that I’ve worked on most of the arty ones I think I’ll have a rummage through my more personal shots over the weekend (after work .. I hate working weekends but needs must) and see if there are any fit for sharing with the world.  I have a couple of fetish shots that I could put up but I’ll need to check with the people in them and get their permissions first.  I took them for a friends website, and although they all agreed to let me use them in a portfolio if I ever wanted/needed one I don’t know how they would feel about me selling them.

So, a weekend of sitting on my bum is ahead of me.  At least it might help take my mind off what I need to do on Wednesday … one way trip to the vet with my dog 😦


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