Straight to the point

I love my ceramic straighteners!

I was like a little Shirley Temple when I was young, until my mum got my hair cut so short (long story) I looked like a boy! It grew in with tight, frizzy curls after that and my mum had to use an Afro comb on my hair for a couple of years until it grew long enough to brush. From then on it was more frizzy than curly. I hated my hair. I always considered it my worst feature.

Then one year my best friend bought me a set of ceramic straighteners for my Christmas. Not the ceramic plated ones which I had already tried, but proper ceramic straighteners. I was suddenly in love with my hair!

I have experimented with it short and long, and have even had to buy wide plate straighteners when it got too long to use normal ones. Even with the wider plates it still takes me over half an hour to do my hair because I’ve let it grow so long.

For me, ceramic straighteners are the best thing since sliced bread. They may not be a life-saving invention, they won’t save the planets resources or solve world poverty. But they have made me feel good about my crowning glory 🙂


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