“pre-order Sims 4 today” I don’t think so EA !

I have been a huge The Sims fan since the game first came out.  I even convinced my now ex hubby to buy a new computer when the Sims 2 was due out because I knew the one we had wouldn’t cope with it … not that I told him that was the reason lol.  And yes, I did eventually get a new PC so I could run TS3 as well when I realised the one I had would play it but took about 4 minutes for the graphics to show up (and at that point I had no clue how to upgrade).  I even took out a small loan to get the damn PC lol.  Addicted?  Possibly 🙂

And now with the advent of TS4 looming ever closer I am fighting the urge to upgrade the PC further just to play a game which I am rapidly losing faith in.

We all know that EA are money grabbers extrodanaire, they really outdid themselves in that department with the Simpoints in addition to the stuff packs, as if the never ending EPs weren’t enough.  Which, as an aside, makes me wonder something … with TS1 we had the EPs, then with TS2 they introduced the SPs as well, and with TS3 they brought in Simpoints … what the hell are they going to charge for in TS4???

But I digress.

My main beef with buying TS4 is the fact that there are still so many unresolved bugs and glitches in TS3.  I’m sorry, but I am not forking out more money on a game I may not even be able to play (although in theory my PC will run it)  when my TS3 games are still getting error codes 12 and 16 (game wont save for whatever reason), and of course the unexpected, unpredictable crashes.

Despite having tried various fixes that work for others, posting on forums and upgrading my graphics card at one point only to find the older one worked better I am filled with a sense of trepidation when loading my game.  Will it save, will it crash before I save, will I scream and smash the monitor when I see error code whatever????

I have bought every expansion, every stuff pack, and even spent almost a weeks wages on Simpoints not so long ago but I am refusing to buy TS4 unless they fix all the problems with TS3 first.  And I don’t think for one second that I am alone in feeling this way.  EA are going to lose a lot of loyal fans if they don’t get their act together.


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