Almost done!

I’ve been working on a “thing” with aran wool my daughter bought me as part of my Christmas.  I say it’s a thing because I’m not 100% sure what to call it lol.  It’s kind of like a cardigan, in as much as it has sleeves, I’ll be wearing it, and it buttons up the front (or it will do once I get buttons for it!)  But I’m going to looking like I’m walking around with a blanket on me!

I’ve made it up in basic good old fashioned granny squares and joined them together.  There was no pattern for it, just a case of sit down, do the squares while watching Netflix, and keep going until I had enough to make something to fit!

I’ve done the main body, and one sleeve.  So I now need to finish the other sleeve and do the edging.  It’s going to look weird, I know that.  But I’ll tell you one thing I know for a fact, it’s going to be lovely and warm!  Which is ideal since I need to cut back on the heating bills for a while 😦  So this will be perfect.

When I get it finished I’ll stick up a photo for you all, although it will look huge on me since I’m a bit of a “big” gal myself 🙂


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