Bare with me folks

Been trying to get yahoo to recognise my email address, in all fairness I haven’y used that account in a while but I can’t seem to get the password reset going either.  I eventually gave up and tried to create a new account, only to be told that the account/user name had been inactive too long and was now being recycled … all in the space it took to sign up and attempt login … which begs the question what do they class as too long???

“So why all the hassle with trying to access a yahoo account?” I hear you ask (it’s either you or the wee voice at the back of my head lol).  I’ve been trying to get a Flickr account, but it seems I can only sign up for one if I have a yahoo email address 😦

So in absolute desperation I have temporarily given up on that and opened a Photobucket account instead 🙂  My photos aren’t great, but I’m pleased with them for now and felt like sharing some of them.  I’ll post a link on the sidebar once I get the photos uploaded x


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