Gay Pride, Glasgow (10/08/13)

Well I’ve booked the day off work and will be joining my daughter and her friend at the gay pride march in Glasgow this year.  It was looking uncertain for a while, but now that the Glasgow march is definitely taking place we will all be going up together.

I still fancy the idea of going up as a Fairy GothMother and have been scouring ebay for a few bit’s n pieces to put an outfit together.  So far I’ve found a nice long black tutu, black/purple fairy wings, a black satin corset and I am debating whether to get some lace fingerless gloves.

I will be wearing a black top I have under the corset. It’s designed for wearing under corsets and has a lovely floaty look/feel to it.  I’ll also wear my black mary-jane flat shoes since I am no masochist and I have heard how bad that walk can be on your feet lol.  AND I will finally have an excuse to wear the neon pink opaque tights I have in public LOL.

So I’ve just got to find a nice wand to go with the outfit and I think that should do it.  Having said that I have been toying with the idea of taking a little satin drawstring bag for my magic fairy dust … some rainbow glitter to add a little magical sparkle 🙂


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