diet update

Oki doki, well I just remembered that I hadn’t uploaded the photo of my first weigh in last week, never mind the weigh in for this week!  So I’m going to upload 4 photos today

I had planned on getting my head into the right place for dieting on 22/04/13 when my weight was 16st 11.5lbs,


and although I although I was doing reasonably well the weigh in the following week said otherwise.

I weighed in at 16st 13.75lbs one week later.



Not good.  To make matters worse, the following week saw my weight go up yet again!  This time I was 17st 1.5lbs!






Time for drastic action!

I began drinking more water and writing down everything I was eating, keeping a close eye on the calories and fat content.  Now, while I haven’t been as strict with the fat side of it I have been pretty strict with the calories.  I have kept myself to a maximum of 2000 per day, aiming to keep it around 1800, but no less than 1400.  So far I have managed to keep it between the 1400-1800 without going over or feeling overly hungry.  At most I would say I’m peckish sometimes, but that’s more through boredom when it’s my days off from work.  One of the things I do to combat that is sit with a sport capped bottle of water beside me at all times, whether sat here at the desk or on the table beside the sofa.  And when I I feel like nibbling through boredom I just sip some water instead.

It seems to be paying off.  Monday’s weigh in was 16st 9.75lbs!!



I have a dress that I want to fit into for a 50th birthday party on 25th May.  That is my goal for now.  I can get the zip up but it’s a bit of a tight fit yet, but hopefully if I can achieve a loss of about 4-7 more lbs off I might manage it!

Keep your fingers crossed for me xx


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