My caffeine addiction

I came across an article this morning about caffeine and how it affects us.

I am a self-confessed caffeine addict.  I am addicted to energy drinks.  I love the smell of coffee but so far have been unable to drink the stuff apart from a mocha now and then, and that’ only because the tastes is killed somewhat by the chocolate.  My poison of choice is Relentless, I’m not sure if it’s a UK only thing or if it’s available worldwide, all I know is I used to go through 3 x 500ml cans a day pretty much every day while I was at college.  I needed it to get me through the day and hold down my job.


I completed my HND in IT & Administration about 3 years ago now and I am still hooked on caffeine.  I have managed to cut it down to a more realistic level though.  I know take just 1 can a day, and try to only take it about 3 or 4 days a week … just enough to keep the headaches and other withdrawal symptoms at bay.

Apart from anything else I actually enjoy the taste of it.  I have tried cheaper alternatives and found a few that I can tolerate for weeks when the pennies are in short supply, and I even tried Red Bull.  I have to say I didn’t even finish the can of Red Bull, which surprised me.  It’s the one drink everyone in the UK automatically thinks of when you mention energy drinks, but I thought it tasted disgusting.

My morning routine just wouldn’t be the same without that zombie-shuffle to the fridge in the morning and hearing the noise as the ring pull gets ripped off and feeling that ice cold fizz as it hits my tongue.  I have never smoked, but at that moment I can fully appreciate the buzz that smokers claim to get from their first cigarette of the day!


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