all change

We had a beautiful sunny and quite warm day yesterday which was really nice.  I do like the bright sunshine, it always makes me feel good.  But when I woke up this morning I could hear the wind howling before I even opened my eyes.

Sure enough when I let my dog out to do her thing there were the trees bending and creaking in the wind, there were signs that it had been raining, and grey skies above.  So, all in all it’s a complete change from yesterday.

I work in retail and on days like this we are never busy.  I hate working on days like this.  Partly because I have a 10-15 minute walk to the bus stop and partly because the day just drags in when the shop is quiet.  I much prefer to be kept busy, even though I could quite happily smack a few of the customers in the face for being so ignorant/cheeky/just downright rude!  Good manners cost nothing.  Hell even basic manners would be an improvement for some of them.  But I try to focus on the nice customers, they are the ones that make it bearable and worthwhile.

For instance there is a wee old woman who walks around the town all day just saying hello to everyone.  She used to come in for a carton of hot soup most afternoons, but hasn’t bought any for a while.  But she still comes in, walks up to my till, says hello, asks how my day has been, then goes off on her way.  It always makes me smile when I see her coming through the door.

This post is turning into a bit of a ramble.  I don’t think my morning caffeine fix has kicked in yet lol.


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