The Finished Bed Blanket

Wee Giz gets cozy

yes, I took this pic before I did the edging … wee Giz couldn’t wait to try it out!

Now that wee Giz is finished product testing it for me, here is the finished bed blanket I was working on.

finally fully finito!

It’s not my best blanket but it is my biggest and most expensive to date.  The problem with doing projects like this (for me anyway) is that I don’t plan them in the slightest.  I just pick up a ball of wool and start to crochet.  I have a book which teaches lots of different designs for squares, and this blanket has just been me practising some of those squares.  In some ways I feel like I am teaching myself all over again as there are so many techniques and terms etc that I feel like I’m starting from scratch sometimes.

The blanket is made up of 121 squares each measuring approximately 6” and was worked in Aran wool.  It has cost me just over £60 to make this and was worked in my spare time over 2 winters mainly.  Not sure why I really only worked on it during the winter?!   I finished it off with two rounds of treble stitch and then a round of scalloped shells just to make it look a little nicer.


These are some of the squares I used to make the blanket.  I’ll be happy to tell you the name of the book, and the squares used if you’re interested.

corner textured untitled





granny square 2 flower

Like I said it’s not the prettiest thing I ever made but oh boy is it the warmest!  I had it on the bed the other

night and had to kick it off as I was too warm!  Fair enough it was on top of the quilt, but I didn’t expect it to be THAT warm.  I think it will come in handy in the summer when a quilt is too warm … top sheet and my blanket should be plenty.


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