Okay, so here’s the thing … I am finally giving in and going to go on a diet of some sort.  I had lost 42lbs in 2011, but then put on 28lbs through comfort eating after being dumped by the guy I was seeing and was about to buy a house with.  Anyhoo, long story short I have made half-hearted attempts every few months to shift what I put on but never really got far.  I recently weighed myself and almost fell of the scales in shock.  I am back up at 16st 12lbs (236lbs!!)

So I started looking around for some sort of helpful app.  I had done the tried and tested calorie counting when I lost the 42lbs, so I wanted an app that would help keep track of what I eat.  I came across the wee gem of a thing called Noom Calorific.  It breaks down what you eat into a sort of traffic light system … fruit and veg etc are green and you can eat loads of them, bread pasta some meats etc are amber and should be taken in moderation, and things like chocolate, butter etc are red and should only be taken in small amounts.  It also helps you keep track of how much water you are taking each day.  AND it comes with an exercise app which lets you see how many calories you burn while doing certain activities.

So why am I telling you all this?  Well, one of the features allows you to upload your daily intake to facebook.  I am considering starting the diet in about a weeks time and uploading the results and tracking my progress online as it happens.  I will include my starting weight, photographs, weekly weigh in results, and log any exercises I do.

I suppose I’m looking for a little  moral support while I give it another go.  I’m hoping that by displaying my results to (potentially) the whole world I might be more motivated to stick to it and possibly even encourage others.  The main problem I have just now is thinking of effective exercise for my weight/shape that won’t leave me feeling like I need a paramedic at the end of it lol.  Any suggestions?



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