Bubbling over with bubbles

I am just about demented with decorating my daughter’s room!!  I have painted walls pretty much all my days.  I have decorated 3 different homes top to bottom and NEVER had this problem (to this extent) in my life!  AIR BUBBLES!!  I know they are a common problem, I know there are many possible reasons for it, and I also know that they are not worth ripping the hair out of my head but that’s just what I feel like doing right now  😦

I have had the odd one or two in the past, but was always lucky enough to be able to hide them with furniture or paintings.  But I have just painted 2 walls in that room.  Have you ever wondered what a house with mumps would look like??  Well I could show you!  I have never seen so many air bubbles.  EVER!

I tried waiting until it was dry and sanding down the bubbles then painting over them … a tip I found online.  Okay, it got rid of the bubbles but I it is pretty obvious that the areas have been ‘touched up’ and they still stand out a mile from the rest of the wall.

I still have two walls to go, one of which is the feature wall.  So if anyone has any ideas on how to prevent (or fix) them let me know.  I have tried stirring (not shaking) the paint, and I have tried different rollers and brushes.  The walls were clean and dry before painting.  It was a well known top brand of paint.  The only thing I can think to blame is that the paint tub was opened last year for another room, almost a year ago.  Could that be the cause?


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