Well this is a new experience for me.  I’ve moved house several times in my life, some as a child and some on my own as an adult.  I even had to pack and make all the necessary arrangements in a two week time frame at Christmas once!  But this time I am not moving house, I am clearing space and helping someone else move.

My daughter will be giving up her rented flat and moving in me with soon.  It was supposed to be by the end of this month but she hasn’t done any of the organisation that is needed yet.  So it’s mummy to the rescue as usual.

I’ve gutted out the spare room, removed everything of mine from it except the bed, dresser and wardrobe.  I’ve decorated my own room (couldn’t resist since I was clearing out and making space lol), and am half way through decorating what will soon be her room.  I have also informed my landlord that she will be moving in and squared things up at my end.

Tomorrow I will be taking a friend with me to make a start on clearing out my daughters flat.  I’m not looking forward to it.  She lives in it as if it were a squat.  The heating is broken (which also means no hot water) and has been for ages but she never bothers to get it fixed.  Half the lights in the place don’t work.  As for the mess……….!!!  I’m not sure if the show has been broadcast internationally, but here in the UK there is/was a show called “How Clean Is Your House?”  Well I used to watch it just to feel better about the state of her place!  Although there were times when I actually used to to threaten to get them round to clean her flat and put her to shame.  The threat had no effect as she wanted to meet them!

What’s a mother to do???



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