Sims 3 – Seasons

One of my big addictions in life over the past decade has been The Sims.  I think I’ll fill you in on that later, for now I just want to say that my copy of the Seasons expansion pack has just arrived and I’m off to install it on my laptop now, I’ll put it on the PC later … yes, I have it on both computers lol.  Sad git that I am.  I know, I know  😀

Apart from Open For Buisness and Pets, Seasons was one of my favourite expansions from TS2.  So now we have Pets, and Seasons for TS3 all I need to make me a really happy simmer now is OFB!  🙂   Having said that I don’t suppose OFB would work in TS3 since we are unable to follow our Sims into buildings other than residential lots  😦   If EA are working on TS4 (which lets face it they probably are), that is one thing I would like to see changed.  That and some way of having Sims visit other Sims (online) other than playing gigs/venues , you know, just actually visiting your friends Sims?

Right, I’m off to install Seasons. Catch you all later xx


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