US-UK conversions baffle me

I’m referring to crochet terms, wool/yarn weights, and hook sizes.

I am no expert in crochet by any means but I do enjoy it as a hobby and have even made  little money from it in the past.  But when I complained about the lack of crochet patterns available at my local wool shop one of the sales assistants told me about a website that had tins of free patterns covering all manner of projects.

I visited the Lion Brand website, had a look around and fell in love with it!  I spent ages saving all the patterns I wanted to try out and then realised I didn’t have a clue how to do them!

The stitches have different names, the hooks are all different and the wool … don’t get me started on the wool!!  I’m at a loss now.  I tried googling for a useful conversion guide but most were referring to knitting rather than crochet  😦

Surely crochet isn’t so old fashioned that Google can’t find what I’m looking for?!?!

If anyone on either side of the pond could help me out with this I would be ever so grateful  🙂


2 thoughts on “US-UK conversions baffle me

  1. Thanks for that! 😀
    Sadly I’m not advanced enough (or maybe just not creative enough) to do much other than bed blankets without a pattern.


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